Bahadur Nahir

Bahadur Nahir
   A chief of the Meo tribe who inhabited the tract to the southwest of Delhi with his headquarters at Alwar. He wielded considerable military clout toward the end of Firuz Shah Tughlaq's reign (1351-1388). Bahadur Nahir is described by a contemporary as the chief of the hills around Delhi. In the tussle for succession that broke out after Firuz Shah Tughlaq's death, Bahadur Nahir was inclined to support Abu Bakr, who initially controlled Delhi. After Abu Bakr was dislodged from there, he sought refuge with Nahir at Alwar. Although Bahadur Nahir was not able to protect Abu Bakr, he continued to resist the authority of the new sultan. After Delhi was briefly occupied and sacked by Timur in 1398, Bahadur Nahir submitted to the invader and was imprisoned. He, along with several prominent nobles of the Delhi sultanate, was carried to Samarqand as a captive and was put to death there. Bahadur Nahir's progeny continued to dominate in the Mewat region. Two of his grandsons, Jallu and Qaddu, are known to have defied the Saiyid sultans of Delhi during the 1420s.

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